Fur "Do" Tips

  • DO put  your fur garment in a closet where air can circulate freely
  • DO hang your garment on a wide shouldered hanger. This distributes the weight on the garment.
  • DO wear a scarf when wearing your fur. This prevents makeup and oils from penetrating your collar
  • DO shake your fur gently if it is wet from the elements and hang where it can dry away from heat source
  • DO Store your fur professionally! This is the the essential during the summer months. Eilers offers climactically controlled storage vaults that are humidity and temperature controlled with air circulating 24 hours.
  • DO have your fur cleaned and glazed once per year by a professional furrier. Due to the nature of fur, it is cleaned by abrasion, not immersion (tumbled in a drum with a specially formulated sawdust and crushed walnut shells)

Fur "Don't" Tips

  • DON'T Store your fur in a plastic bag! Furs need to breathe, because fur is organic and a porous substance
  • DON'T store your fur near a source of light or heat
  • DON'T wear a shoulder bag with a fur coat or scoot across a cloth car seat. The constant friction will wear away the fur.
  • DON'T pin jewelry or corsages to your fur